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Featured Article

Featured Article

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Featured Article Mechanisms that Specify Promoter Nucleosome Location and Identity
Eukaryotic promoters are characterized by a nucleosome-free region (NFR), which is flanked by one or two nucleosomes containing the histone variant H2A.Z. Hartley et al. now show that chromatin remodeling by the RSC complex displaces promoter nucleosomes in vivo, thereby generating NFRs. H2A.Z is not required for this process; in contrast, it is only deposited when a NFR has already been established.

Dr. Hiten Madhani In this PaperClip, Dr. Britta Mädge speaks with Dr. Hiten Madhani about his group's new insights into the mechanism of nucleosome positioning and the generation of nucleosome-free regions.

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Leading Edge Featured Article

Leading Edge Featured Article In this Review, Karen Vousden and Carol Prives explore the increasingly complex world of the master tumor suppressor p53, the myriad cellular responses it regulates, and the mechanisms that fine tune its prolific activity.

Blinded by the Light: The Growing Complexity of p53
Karen H. Vousden and Carol Prives


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